Gov. Pat Quinn Unveils Health Information Technology Grants for Heartland Health Outreach, Others

Governor Pat Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn

(Chicago) – Governor Pat Quinn on Saturday announced that federal funding has been awarded to three Illinois not-for-profit organizations, including Heartland Health Outreach, to help them upgrade health information technology services in under-served areas of the state.

The grants totaling $1.3 million was made possible by the Illinois Office of Health Information Technology as part of its effort to connect providers in the Metro-Chicago area, Central and Southern Illinois.

The grants will enable more than 1,600 individual providers to connect with more than 48 health care organizations serving hundreds of thousands of patients every year.

“Upgrading our health information technology network is a critical part of our efforts to transform our health care system…,” Quinn said.

The three grants totaling $1.3 million will be awarded to:

  • Heartland Health Outreach, the Alliance of Community Health Services and the Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (CHITREC) in Chicago. Grant amount: $500,000.
  • The Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network in Princeton. Grant amount: $495,120.
  • Southern Illinois Healthcare in Carbondale. Grant amount: $338,600.

Funding for these grants is made possible through the $18.8 million in federal funding awarded to Illinois in 2010 under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. Illinois is using the funding to implement the Illinois Health Information Exchange, a network for the secure sharing of clinical and administrative data among health care providers across the state.

The exchange will aim to improve care coordination among providers, reduced medical errors and duplicative tests, controlled health care costs, and improved health outcomes.

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