Healthful Holiday Eating

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy friends, family and food!  The merriness and good times frequently result in weight gain, but following a few simple steps can prevent your feeling like Santa Claus while ringing in the New Year.

  1. Don’t skip any meals before attending parties—this can lead to overeating at the parties.  Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
  2. Eat lots of veggies before filling up on the hearty entrees!  Eat a salad and the lighter vegetable sides before loading up on the holiday ham, mashed potatoes and cream-laden casseroles.  You’ll eat less with a stomach full of veggies!
  3. Remember that this isn’t the last time to eat your favorite holiday foods.  Even if your items are considered a holiday food, there’s nothing to prevent you from making them year-round or enjoying the leftovers!
  4. Exercise!  Take a family walk around the block after indulging in your holiday turkey or ham.  Even a small bit of movement will help keep off those holiday pounds.
  5. Don’t forget to sleep and relax!  Holidays are often stressful, trying to put too much activity into too little time. Stress-eating is another source of unwanted calories.

Following these steps can help you enjoy a festive holiday season without the extra weight.  Happy Holidays!

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