Snacking Through a Slump

Hungry?  Instead of just grabbing a Snickers, try these.   All of these healthy snack combinations, approved by our dietitians, are chock-full of nutrients, energy, and protein.  Plus, they’re also  lower in fat and sodium than your typical chips, popcorn, or candy while still being delicious.  So enjoy them not just for the taste, but also for the fuel you’ll be giving your body.

Oatmeal with low-fat milk: All it takes is one minute to heat up a bowl of wholesome nutrients and fiber in the microwave.  Add dried fruit and/or nuts for more nutrition power!

Vanilla yogurt with berries: Take a cup of yogurt and stir in half a cup of fresh or frozen berries.  Add a tablespoon of nuts and you’ve got a high protein choice.


Almonds and dried fruit: Start with a small handful of nuts and add your favorite dried fruit.  Add a 1/2 cup of whole grain cereal like Chex for your personal trail mix.

Cheddar cheese and an apple: Combine creamy and crunch, with 1 oz of sharp cheese and a crisp Granny Smith for tartness.  For a different flavor, try other apple/cheese varieties.

Beef jerky and pea pods: With an ounce of teriyaki jerky, this low-fat treat will taste like a Chinese take-out mini-meal.  Try other vegetables like baby carrots or sliced peppers.

Turkey on multi-grain bread: A slice of lean meat like smoked turkey, a slice of whole grain braid, and a bit of your favorite mustard provides protein and fiber, but is low in fat.

Peanut butter on bananas: Whether you like creamy or crunchy, a tablespoon or two of PB makes this a perfect snack for kids of all ages.  Get creative with other fruits and veggies.


Cottage cheese and fruit: Juice-packed, canned fruit goes great with a half cup of cottage cheese.  Most any fruit works – canned, frozen, or dried – brighter colors mean more nutrients.

Cheese stick and tomatoes: Easy to take anywhere.  Enjoy a mozzarella cheese stick with a baggie of sweet cherry or grape tomatoes.

Salad with sunflower seeds: Sprinkle a tablespoon of crunchy seeds on salad and dress lightly with olive oil and vinegar.  Or add protein with soy-nuts, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds.

Wheat wrap with cheese: Pick a slice of your favorite cheese and roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla or other flavored wrap.  Deli meats or leftovers also make delcious wraps.

Microwave bean soup: Instant soups (or bean and rice combo) make quick, heart-healthy snacks.  Look for varieties with lower sodium or make your own by cooking a big batch and freezing snack-sized portions.

bean soup

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