Holiday Season Nutrition Tips

The holiday season is full of tasty treats that can pack on the pounds. Here are some tips from our Nutrition Team to avoid weight gain but still enjoy all the festivities the season has to offer.

  • Have a healthy snack before going to a holiday party: Eating fresh fruits and veggies before going out will help prevent over-indulging when surrounded by lots of tempting, calorie-filled foods.

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  • Watch your portions: One cookie won’t hurt your waistline, but a dozen will.
  • Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach: Have something to eat or pack a snack to avoid fast-food places and food courts.

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  • Stay active: Even though it’s cold outside, physical activity is still important. Take your kids or grandkids sledding, go ice skating, or walk around the city and enjoy the lights.
  • Enjoy special foods with healthy twists:
    • Gravy: Put gravy in the refrigerator to harden the fat, then skim it off before reheating and serving.
    • Dressing: Use a little less bread and add more vegetables to add more  nutrients for less calories.
    • Turkey: Saturated fat is found in the skin, so removing it before eating helps make it more heart-healthy.
    • Potatoes: When mashing, use skim milk or chicken broth instead of milk and butter. Also, try sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, which adds more potassium and vitamin A.
    • Desserts: Try fruit pies without a crust on top, crustless pumpkin pie, or use fresh fruit on top of cakes instead of frosting.

Remember, it’s just as much an accomplishment to maintain your weight as it is to lose weight around the holidays!

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