Katy’s Holiday Treats

The holidays are right around the corner – and, understandably, healthy eating might not be the first thing on our minds.  Luckily, we have a few simple treats and tips to make healthy eating more fun for everyone this holiday season, from appetizers through dessert.

Appetizers can be super tempting: they look tasty, but who wants to splurge before dinner? To make sure no indulgence is wasted before the main event, this “turkey” will keep your pre-dinner snacking light and tasty.


Appetizing Appetizer Turkey

How to make it: Start with romaine lettuce and then layer with celery, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers as shown. Use a yellow squash for the head and olives for eyes!  Add a side of veggie dip and you’re good to go.  Mixing avocados, plain yogurt, garlic, salt, and lime juice, makes for a great dipping sauce!

The main meal can be the toughest time to exercise portion control. Remember the MyPlate method when piling on the goods.  Fill about half of your plate with vegetables and fruits (fresh salad, green beans, sweet potatoes), a quarter with protein (turkey, ham, meats, beans), and a quarter with starches (breads, regular potatoes).

green beans

sliced turkey mashed potatoes

When it’s time for dessert, top it all off by skipping the high calorie pies for this little Christmas treat: Strawberry Santas! You get all the health benefits of fruit (fiber, vitamins, minerals!) with a touch of sweetness. And they’re easy to make!

strawberry santas

Strawberry Santas

How to make it:

Step 1: Cut off the stems – you can toss those!

Step 2: Cut of the pointy ends of the strawberries – save those for the hats.

Step 3: Using a can of lite whipped cream (you can use container whipped cream too – can is just a little easier!) put a dollop between the strawberry pieces (see picture).

Step 4: Put a smaller dollop of cream on top of the hat.

Step 5: Using chocolate chips or sprinkles, add Santa’s eyes!

And there you go!  Hopefully these ideas can spark even more ideas for healthier holidays.  What are some healthy recipes you like to incorporate during the holidays?

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