Food Safety

Family, Friends, and Food Safety: the perfect holiday trio! Spending time with family and friends is always one of the best parts of the holidays.  Make sure none of the fun goes to waste by using these healthy tips during your celebrations!

food safety 1


food safety wash

Make sure to wash your hands, cutting surfaces and utensils, and fruits and vegetables before beginning preparation. Wash hands, cutting surfaces, and utensils again after preparation to avoid spreading bacteria, especially when handling raw meat.


food safety cut

Separate raw meats and eggs from all other foods while shopping, preparing, and storing. This will help prevent cross-contamination of foods and reduce food-borne illnesses.


food safety temp

Cook everything to the proper temperature – and keep hot food hot while serving – by using a crock-pot. If you are reheating food, make sure to cook it to 165 degrees to kill off any bacteria.


  food safety store

Be sure to pack up and refrigerate all foods within 2 hours.  If they stay out any longer at room temperature, bacteria can start to grow and the food will go bad.

Be safe everyone – and keep all of your days merry and bright! – Katy

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