Four Tips for National Nutrition Month

By The Community Dietitian Team of Heartland Health Outreach

Every day, we have the opportunity to choose a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes we don’t know how to make healthy choices, or what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

This is where National Nutrition Month® (NNM) comes in! NNM is celebrated every year in March. This year’s theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” which focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing smart eating and exercise habits.

Eating healthy and being physically active is different for everyone. But here are four quick tips from Heartland Health Outreach‘s Community Dietitians about how to live a healthier lifestyle that everyone can follow.

ONE: Eat breakfast every morning. Choose a combination of complex carbohydrates and protein for long-lasting energy. A slice of whole wheat bread topped with peanut butter or fresh fruit with yogurt are great examples that are easy to prepare.


TWO: Exercise daily by doing something that you enjoy. Being physically active doesn’t have to mean running three miles every day. If you enjoy walking, make it a priority to take a brisk 20-minute walk after work. If you like playing sports, find a local league to join. By committing to an activity you truly enjoy, exercising will feel less like a chore and more like fun!


THREE: Be mindful of your eating habits. The most common unhealthy eating habits are rushed eating and insensible snacking. Take time out of your day to enjoy meals and think before you snack. Make healthier choices throughout the day.

FOUR: Talk to a registered dietitian! As mentioned earlier, eating healthy and getting the appropriate exercise is different for everyone. A dietitian can help create an individualized plan that fits your unique needs and your schedule.


So now that you’re armed with some of the essentials of biting into a healthy lifestyle, you can incorporate healthy eating into every month of the year—starting with National Nutrition Month!

Want a recipe to get you started? Check out our Spring Sprout Special below, a favorite among the dietitians at HHO.

Spring Sprout Special

california sandwichIngredients
– Chive-flavored spreadable cheese
– Avocado, sliced
– Sprouts
– Tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced or diced
– Whole-wheat bread

1. Toast the bread and spread a thin layer of cheese.
2. Top the bread with sliced avocado, followed by a generous portion of sprouts.
3. Mix the tomatoes and cucumbers together, adding some salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add a spoonful of the mixture to your bread – serve open-faced or as a sandwich!


Have a healthy and active spring!



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