About this Blog

Healthy Helpings seeks to share healthy recipes, smart everyday tips and the latest food policy information for everyone. This unique and resourceful blog is an ongoing project curated and managed by the Food and Nutrition team at Heartland Health Outreach (HHO).

allisonThe Food and Nutrition team of is made up of qualified and culturally-competent Registered dietitians.  Each day, they work with our program participants across Chicago, teaching them how to manage chronic disease, prepare healthier meals and purchase nutritious food, empowering thousands of people to take control of their health and transform their lives.

But the advice here isn’t exclusive to HHO’s participants—everyone can benefit from the expertise of a Registered Dietitian. Healthy Helpings began as a platform to inspire everyone to develop healthier eating habits, and continues to grow with its weekly updates on various food topics.

HHO is Chicago’s leading provider for the homeless, sickest, and poorest people in Chicago. At HHO, we believe that healthcare is more than just a doctor’s appointment: it’s a safe place to sleep, healthy and nutritious meals, support from trusted professionals and comprehensive oral, dental, behavioral and primary care. For more information, please visit our website.



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