Laura Ritland, MS, RD, LDN
HHO Food and Nutrition Program Manager

A proud Iowa native, Laura received both her undergraduate degree (dietetics) and her masters degree (nutritional sciences) from Iowa State University.  Outside the office, she can usually be found walking her beloved dog Mishka, playing high-stakes competitive volleyball, creating new variations of popular chili recipes, or frolicking in the Dead Sea.


RosieRosie Eyerman, RDN, LDN
Community Dietitian, Refugee Health Program and Resource Center

Rosie is a dietitian at Heartland Health Outreach’s Refugee Health Program and Resource Center where she does nutrition education and cooking demonstrations for newly resettled refugees and those struggling with mental health issues. Food is a human right, it “is our common ground, a universal experience” [James Beard].  Rosie strives to live by these concepts from digging in the dirt to experimenting with new ingredients to sharing meals and conversation. She has recently been experimenting with integrating cultural cuisines to create affordable, accessible, and nutritious meals!



DanaDana Howse, RD, LDN
Community Dietitian

Dana is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago coordinated program (way back before internships became so competitive  and as hard as applying for med school) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.  She has over 10 years of experience working in the community. Outside of work, when she is not shopping, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, changing diapers etc., she enjoys  running with her kids in their local running club.  Her main goal is to limit sitting down at work to a minimum of two hours a day.



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