Cut the Bacon!

I love BACON! In fact, I am most attracted to any menu option that includes bacon. As a dietitian, I feel I try to limit my intake of fatty meats for myself and my family. Recent news from WHO (World Health Organization) listed processed meat as a “Class 1” carcinogen, and has caused me to reevaluate my habits.

How to Reduce Your AGE

Not only do our food choices matter, but how we cook matters, too. Did you know that cooking with high heat produces compounds called AGEs? Read more about cooking methods and how to reduce your AGE intake.

Med-Diet: What a Healthy Diet Looks Like

If you heard someone say they are on the Med-diet, what would your first thought be? It might sound like a diet that involves taking a lot of medicine or pills, but it’s actually much different. The Med-diet is an abbreviation for Mediterranean diet, which is inspired by dietary patterns from Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain.